Wilshire Wigs Coupon

Wilshire Wigs Coupon Discount

Wilshire Wigs is considered to be one of the largest hair products and wig shop across America. It features thousands of wigs in store as well as the widest choice of styles, colors and brands of wigs and hair items available at affordable price offers.
The company started in 1967 through the initiatives of Ralph Sampson. Since its first opening and until now, Wilshire Wigs continue to grow and expand as it is today in the store’s LA area. Formerly extending only wigs and beauty products in the country, the company then became a direct selling enterprise for the public. Some items for men called Silhouette Hair For Men in 1968 was then offered adding to its array of products available; everything at wholesale price tags.
Additionally, Wilshire Wigs is the supplier of hair products and wigs to studios which were used in blockbuster films and TV shows like Dreamgirls, Pirates of the Carribean, Desperate Housewives, The Gilmore Girls and many others.

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