Smoke51 Coupon Discount

Smoke51 is a company based in South Florida. Taking the official business name of Vapor Corp., a public traded institution is the leading distributor and marketer of personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, under several e-cigarette brands. At present, the company sells its own vaporizers both domestically and internationally through wholesalers, distributors and direct to clients through its direct and website response TV marketing efforts.
Smoke51’s personal vaporizers are electronic gadgets contained of a battery-operated, rechargeable, an interchangeable cartridge that may comprise contents of nicotine, atomizer or other solutions, and when heated changes the capacities of the cartridge into a vapor. Using the up-to-date technology, the company’s products allow a person the freedom to virtually smoke anywhere, without the tar, ash, flame, or carbon monoxide found in conventional tobacco cigarettes.

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