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Nimli is an Internet-based shopping portal that offers organic and sustainable products at par with fashion and style. It features an array of apparels, accessories, home ensembles, beauty items and other products from local designers who mix their daunting creation with efforts to save Mother Earth. Nimli offers a collection of Eco-friendly items that are recycled, natural, and free from sweatshop or cruelty. The website strongly coordinate its goals to form a lifestyle of a greener well-being.
It was in 2005 when Nimli was conceived in NYC by Rajat Arora. The founder is a true-blue vegetarian and advocate of organic lifestyle that is cruelty-free. With this and a great concern for the environment, Rajat established Nimli adopting a principle of extending sustainable way of life to customers through putting organic products and services for sale.
The company is among the environment-friendly enterprises that results to its practice and regulation which needs all designer to submit their items to shipment straight to their clients. This policy replaces a minimal carbon footprint through carrying off the unwanted method of shipping products. Green Tags are widely used by Nimli for shipping to reduce energy consumption while shipping or indulging in other business transactions.

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