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The idea of creating Holabird Sports was initiated by Willie Holabird and his love for tennis. In the year 1975, Willie transformed his passion for tennis to a club he called Greenspring Racquet Club, which is the biggest indoor tennis and club in the region. The club he built became a remarkable part of the tennis community in Maryland for years. Because of the success of Greenspring, Willie built another racquet club he named Holabird Racquet Club in 1979. He was later joined by son in running the family business.
In 1981, Holabird Racquet Club became a mail-to-order business that ships tennis racquets and other sports equipment across the country. Because of the dedication and many years of success, the racquet club has been a mile ahead in the industry. And because of that overwhelming triumph, its first business website was launched in 1996 until the business’ name was altered to Holabird Sports.

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