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A San Francisco-based company, Coveroo takes pride to be a committed partner in personalizing electronic gadgets across the globe. It continues to amuse every individual through its team of dedicated individuals in extending the love of expressing oneself despite certain factors that engulf the realm between the physical world and the digital regions. Coveroo offers quality, uniqueness and a mirror of oneself in every product they feature.
Coveroo is an initiative of the creative minds of Karl Jacob and Mark Halstead; two individuals who utterly believe in the power and importance of projecting a person’s personality in every item, product or brand he or she will bought in the market or through online.
Electronic devices and gadgets are greatest trend in today’s era of technology. But more than these, customizing ones gadget into something unique is far more than a trend; it speaks of the identity of owner beyond compare. Coveroo offers a lot of designs for its clients to choose from plus it supports all major brands of handphones and gadgets.

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