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In a world where a person purchase inexpensive ensemble in upgrade of the company’s computer, unassembled pieces every two or three years and purchase half-cooked meals on their way home from obligation, is there anything more gratifying than creating something that will last within the person’s hands

Whether a person is upgrading the kitchen cabinets, refinishing an antique furniture or accepting a pile of lumber and producing a family inheritance, woodworking that brings outs what is best in all of its people.

The skills and efforts the person are appreciated at Rockler, a family maintained business for more than five decades. Regardless of becoming the biggest online resources for a chain of stores for woodworkers all over the country, the company still take an interest in every one of the client’s project. Rockler have real personnel in their Minnesota headquarters that answers the phones. Rockler work tirelessly to contribute the industry’s most advanced items, education and thinking to the company’s stores and online store.

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Creating with Confidence

rockler creating with confidence

The idea of living in a fast lane has always brought us to a lifestyle of “instants”. Everything seemed to be heading towards a direction where we suddenly want to indulge ourselves in instant noodles, takeouts and consumer electronics. Rockler may be a different and unique online platform as it caters to the traditional things of reinventing things on our own. The company believes that in spite of living in the era of technology, the conventional way of refinishing an old chair, creating a family heirloom from piles of wood and upgrading your home furniture is not yet obsolete. Rockler is here to provide you with the essentials in woodworking, which includes power tools, routers and accessories, hardware, handtools, shop essentials, finishing and wood all these can be purchased at reasonable costs.

Rockler Discounts and Special Offers

rockler rockler discounts and special offers

Savings is another factor why you should shop at As a company founded by values and principles, Rockler understands your predicament to get products which you can afford. For this reason, aside from the reasonable prices of all the products, the website dedicated an Outlet Store for your advantage. On this particular page, you can receive up to 70% from its original costs. In addition, Rockler has a School Discount Program wherein accredited academic institutions can get discounts and other special professional pricing by simply opening a RocklerPro account.

Online Guide Support

rockler online guide support

Get ideas, tips and other information on your woodworking project from Rockler’s experts. View what they have to say on a certain subject such as hardware, routers & routers table, finishing, cabinetry, tools, the workshop, table saws and more. In addition, Rockler features a How-To Page for more stuffs you want to learn.

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