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It all started many years ago when Sam Butcher, Precious Moments creator, started making the endearing creations of teardrop-eye children he referred to as “Precious Moments” as gift items for his family and peers. Now, Butcher’s artwork is one of the sought-after and recognized masterpiece worldwide, sharing messages of caring, sharing and loving with collectors all over the world.

A person of conviction and deep faith, Butcher carried out his artistic talent at a young age and, urged by his loving mother, he engaged in a formal art training after his high school. His devotion gained him a scholarship in one of the finest institutions in Berkeley.

Sam Butcher’s creation is a phenomenal creation that currently exceeds over a thousand pieces having new annual introductions.

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Silkflower Coupon Discount

Having more than three decades of experience, Silkflower is the complete home decoration and distinct gift source, which offers the best array of designer-quality of arrangements using silk flower, organically looking unreal trees, natural silk plants, aligning containers, as well as decorative space fragrances all delivered straight from the factory to customers’ doorstep.

Handwoven through the online portal, florists and artisans in the company’s Ohio-based facility, makes creative arrangements of silk flower, trees and plants using just the best available silk flowers as well as artificial foliages. Silkflowers’ items apply their organic beauty for some years having less to no upkeep and are allergy-free and cost-efficient options to live plants.

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